12 December 2013

0 Creative Classrooms (Mobile Apps) - Lesson Submission

This post is in regards to an online class (Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) in which I am participating in on the topic of Apps/Mobile Learning. This is the last assignment that I am required to submit:

Creative Classrooms (Mobile Apps) - Lesson Submission

Lesson Title: Seasons (Grade 1)   
Subject Area: Science
Mobile platform used: iOS

TEKS Addressed in the Lesson:

  • Science: (1.8) Eath and space. The student knows that the natural world includes the air around us and objects in the sky.
    1. Identify identify characteristics of the seasons of the year and day and night
  • (2) Scientific investigation and reasoning. The student develops abilities to ask questions and seek answers in classroom and outdoor investigations.
    1. (A)  ask questions about organisms, objects, and events observed in the natural world
    2. (D)  record and organize data using pictures, numbers, and words
  • (3) The student knows that information and critical thinking are used in scientific problem solving.
    1. (B) make predictions based on observable patterns.
  • ELPS: c5B: write using newly acquired basic vocabulary and content-based grade-level vocabulary
Video Introduction:
How would you discuss the video with the class?
How would you teach the lesson?
How would you have students apply the lesson?
Possible apps:
  • Feltboard: ($2.99 and worth it) Using the app, Felt Board, students will create a board which demonstrates their knowledge of each season.

Another possible  idea is using the app:
  • Songify:  Turns your speech into a song ($2.99 - I believe I purchased it when it was free) Students write a poem about their favorite season, record it with Songify. You could also find photos and create an Animoto using the song from Songify. Please view the below example. (Works best in IE)

How would you assess the lesson?
  • Students will share their Feltboard and Songify/Animoto projects with the class. The teacher will post finished Feltboard project on the classroom website utilizing the Web 2.0 Flipsnack site. Finished Feltboard project URL.
  • Rubric to grade assignment: At this time (Thursday, 12Dec13)  RubiStar site will not open.
Note: Possible other videos to utilize through the lesson:
  • Discovery Streaming:
    1. Videos should be stopped throughout and facilitating questions posed to enhance learning. 
                                          i.    Magical Mother Nature: The Four Seasons (15:28)
                                        ii.    Seasons (17:30)

10 December 2013

0 Keep On and Tech On with Keep Calm-o-Matic Image Generator

Keep Calm and Carry On  - who has not seen this popular slogan! They are the trend of popularity with personalized versions at every turn!  But did you know there really is a history to this slogan?

Keep Calm and Carry On was the third in a series of World War 2 posters drawn up by the UK Ministry of Information in order to boost the morale of the British people by passing on a message from King George VI.

…After one of the original posters was recovered and placed in a British bookshop in 2000, the inspirational message was shared online, sparking a series of image macros centered around the phrase  template “Keep Calm and X”.http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/keep-calm-and-carry-on

With that being said, I stumbled across this site...with Keep Calm-o-Matic Image Generator. This user-friendly Web 2.0 app, allows one to personalize by providing options to upload your own graphic, change both the color of the background and font! It also provides many alternatives to save from a jpeg, pdf to a Facebook cover page to computer desktop wallpaper. How cool is that!

How could this be used in the classroom?
· Character traits/values, anti-bullying, achievement slogans
· Slogan a character from a book would create
· Slogan for a topic/concepts of study
· Classroom management
· Springboard for possible writing activities

Please note…No log in or sign up is needed to utilize this site…However, you do have to log in to download the image. By logging in, you may also make these graphics private. Also know, even though the site requests for nothing inappropriate, it does contain a gallery so please be mindful of possible inappropriate slogans.

08 December 2013

0 Seasons: Popplet/Padlet KWL Chart

This entry is in reference to an online course I am taking:
Teachers + Mobile Apps = Creative Classrooms Syllabus

Popplet also is an app and you would need to log onto your idevice to view and utilize.


03 December 2013

0 Newton's Law of Inertia

As an video introductory to Newton's Law of Inertia, I would utilize the resources we have at our district. I would show the following:

Discovery Education: (This video would downloaded to Dropbox then upload to idevice)  The Law of Inertia and Newton's Second Law of Motion

And/or BrainPop's (app) Newton's Law of Motion:

And for the KWL chart. I utilized the app, Popplet:

29 November 2013

0 Blogging in the Classroom

I believe blogging in the classroom is an authentic way to enhance student learning skills. Not only does it assist in their overall writing skills (due to a real audience reading their posts), it also engages them, holds them accountable and addresses many of the TEKS and Common Core State Standards.

I also believe, blogging, may provide instant feedback on whether they understand the concept of the topic as well as students may both reflect and control their own learning . Additionally, that shy learner in the classroom??  What a great venue for them to speak their mind without feeling uncomfortable.

Check out the below infographic by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano as well as her wiki about Blogging With Your Students.

21 November 2013

0 Ode to #Pencilchat: Technology Integration in the Classroom


18 November 2013

0 Symmetry: Where Everything is Equal

Symmetry is always a fun concept to learn about in any grade level. Here are a few great apps to use for this topic.
  • Nikki from Uncommon-to-the-Core blogspot submitted a post about a great free app, Face Symmetry Tester HD . The student products consisted of a Wall of SymMEtry of Me photos. Check out her post about this app.
  • For K/1 students the app, Felt Board ($2.99 but worth the price) is wonderful. Students may use the wide variety of props (i.e. geometric shapes hats, butterflies, trees, etc) then save to photos. Using any Whiteboard app (i.e. Doodle Buddy) students will draw lines to show symmetry/equal parts. You could also use the app, Doodle Buddy and utilize their stamps. (The stamps are limit but enough for the students to demonstrate their understanding of the concept.)

15 November 2013

0 Seasons with Felt Board and Flipsnack

This past week, I worked with kindergartners to create a project utilizing the app, Felt BoardAs an extension of their learning, Kinder students demonstrated their knowledge by choosing their favorite season and creating a "felt board".  

If you are not familiar with this ipad app, Felt board ($2.99 and worth every penny!) is fun and easy for K/1 students to use. Students create "felt board" characters by selecting skin, hair color, and facial features. From there, they have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of costumes, settings and props. It can be easily saved into photos and uploaded to Dropbox to create an ebook or interactive flipbook.

(If you are a veteran teacher like me, you may even remember the "actual" felt boards in the classroom. Good Lord, I am showing my age!)

Below is an interactive flipbook (Flipsnack) of the student's work. (Direct link should it not open correctly.) It seems to work better in IE than Chrome.

I cannot wait for their farm Unit in the Spring.

25 October 2013

0 The "Tech"ing Hour: A Spook"tech"ular Event!

Yesterday, my teachers were treated to a spook"tech"ular event during their planning time. Stations where set up, highlighting 8 productivity ipad apps for them to visit. For each station, teachers viewed a YouTube tutorial then they were asked to create a quick (hands-on) product for each station they visited.

A Halloween theme was utilized throughout the staff development and of course, goodies for them for taking time out of their busy planning schedule. They seemed truly engaged.  Please view some of the comments below.
We are so busy this time of year. Honestly, I looked at it as something else to have to do when there were many other things that seemed more important. However, it was SO nice to go in there and leave everything else at the door, have time to explore apps, and think about ways to use them. By the time I left I was very thankful we had the time set aside to do this.  
I liked that it was come and go and I got exactly what I hoped to get out of it. Thank you for taking the time and the money it must have cost to set up such a fun environment!
LOVED IT! It was very hands-on and engaging. I enjoyed being able to move at my own pace and write down notes that applied to my own subject area. I really liked the YouTube tutorial videos that further explained the app.

Check out the Animoto of the event:

02 October 2013

0 Need An Innovated Approach to Daily Homework Assignments?

3rd grade teachers at one of my schools, came up with a unique way for their students to complete their Daily Language and Daily Math Homework. They created a Padlet (formally Wallwisher) for their students to access. Once at the site, students click under their teacher's picture, submitting a password and answer the assignment.  What a very innovated way to approach daily homework assignments!!!

27 September 2013

0 It's More than Just Blogs, Wikis. and Podcast...Online Book Study 2013

It's More Than Just Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts by Dovewhisper on GoAnimate

24 September 2013

0 How Can You Meet the Demands of Today's 21st Century Generation?

As this technologically driven world, continuously and rapidly moves forward, we as educators need to meet the demands of today’s 21st Century generation. So how do we do this?  One way, is to follow technology instructional /educational blogs. A GREAT blog to follow is Technology Tailgate. 

Technology Tailgate was  “created with a vision for teachers to collaborate, share ideas and demonstrate real ways technology is being used in the classroom.” 
These posts are from a network of individuals (“Coaches”) who contribute monthly to Technology Tailgate. You will find these posts both enlightening and informative. Check it out!! It TRULY will be worth your time.

13 September 2013

0 Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students! .

Kid President believes we're all teachers and we're all students. What are you teaching the world? Who are you learning from? Share this with a special teacher in your life!

13 August 2013

0 Who is Going Mobile?

Have you heard that SignUp Genius will be going mobile?

On August 20th, SignUp Genius is going to announce a whole-new way to sign up for events and activities without ever opening your laptop. Can you say helloooo app!  For more details, check out their blog on 20Aug13 for the big unveiling!

For those of you who are not familiar with SignUp Genius, make sure to visit Lacey's post on Technology Tailgate to learn more.

28 May 2013

0 Another Example of Layered Apps Utilizing Wordfoto and Tellagami

A 2nd grade class, at one of my schools, utilized both Wordfoto and Tellagami for their States project for Social Studies...Another great job!

13 May 2013

0 Applify Your Learning: App Smashing

Applify your student’s learning by layering your apps. Utilizing multiple apps to create a final project is a great way to enhance student knowledge and creativity! One of my teachers jumped at this idea for a project with her 5th grade students. For this assignment, students researched a specific scientist, downloaded a picture, created a Wordfoto, (Turns Your Photos and Words into Stunning Works of Art - $) and inserted the Wordfoto into the Phoster app. (Make your own poster $) Then the students inserted the Phoster as the background image for a Tellagami project (Free). Check out the below example as well as these student project examples.

19 March 2013

0 Reporting Live!

3rd grade students at one of my elementary schools created newscasts on the topic of “Rapid Changes to the Earth (TEKS 3.7B)” for their Science unit.  The students researched information about rapid changes to the earth (earthquake or volcano) and created (approximately) a two – minute newscast. 

Additionally, montages of volcano or earthquake video clips were created for the backdrop (to be inserted into PhotoBooth) to give the appearance that the students were actually in the scene. The students had a great time and what a fun way to integrate technology!

21 February 2013

0 Technology Integration is H.O.T / Digital Blooms

Digital Blooms

Want to discover how technology may help meet the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy in your classroom and how Web 2.0 Apps may elevate your student's thinking to a higher level?

I presented at TCEA (Austin/early February) and showcased examples of ways educators in my school district have integrated technology into their curriculum to encompass all levels of the Bloom's Digital Taxonomy thinking skills.

It was my hope the attendees walked away with some helpful ideas and a resource which they may refer back too from time to time.

Side Note:
  • Please know, many of these projects encompass more than one level of the Digital Blooms taxonomy.
  • Majority of these examples utilize various web apps but other computer applications (i.e. iMovie, Photostory, GarageBand, MovieMaker, etc.) are highlighted.
  • Some of the videos are unlisted in the YouTube account. Should you click on a video and it is unavailable, please try clicking on the YouTube link to view directly.

14 January 2013

0 Love Infographics Con't!

I wrote a post about infographics in November, mentioning that I recruited some teachers to let me work with their students to create infographics. I meet with a few 3rd grade students and all of my 5th grade students.  With each class, I went over what infographics were,  examples for them to view as well as how to utilize the online program, Piktochart. (As mentioned in my previous post, I did purchase the educator's account for $39.99 a year - still, I believe, a great investment! 

The 3rd grade students decided to work in groups and they created a infographic from a level reader they were reading in ELAR about Gemstones. Below is one example of their work....Not too bad!

My 5th grade students were assigned to choose an article from three National Geographic Explorer Student magazines:
  • Deadliest Predators which also included Volcanoes or Leaves
  • No Bones About It which also included Bare Bones and Hurricanes
  • Panda Mania which also included Mirror Images and Neighbors in Space
Prior to beginning this project in the computer labs, students were assigned homework to preview the site, Piktochart and choose their template. A few students (with parent's permission) signed up for the free version to obtain "hands-on" experience with the program. Once they chose their template, one teacher had her students sketch a rough template on paper as a guide while they were researching. 

Once the projects were completed, the teachers reviewed each project and students either had to add/edit their information before the infographics were downloaded. I converted the graphics to a pdf so they may be sent to our print center to make colored copies. According to the teachers, their students were so excited and loved this project. Below is an example of a student product. I thought she did a terrific job!

Please click below to view more student examples.  I cannot wait to do my next project with these kiddos!
Few Notes:
  • Since Piktochart is relatively new, I had to add each graphic individually - very time consuming! Supposedly, with the updated version (not sure when) they will have a batch upload. You are only allotted 100 uploaded graphics. Once this project is complete, I will delete the graphics and student infographics to make room for future projects in the Spring.
  • We did experienced problems with the graphics not showing up (boxes with a red X) once they were added to the infographics. Changing browsers helped but this was not consistent. Hopefully, they will fix this bug.
  • All students had access to the username and password for the site.
  • I contacted the company and suggested adding bullet options, option to bold one word within a paragraph and a preview button. (Let us see if they listen to their consumers.)
  • The company did suggest using Piktochart with Firefox or Safari. We did use Chrome in the labs and this worked much better than IE.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions!

08 January 2013

0 Inspired to Write: PicLits

PicLits.com is a creative writing site which provides images (unfortunately, you cannot upload your own pictures) and word banks to generate sentences about the picture.  According to the site, “The object is to put the right words in the right place and the right order to capture the essence, story, and meaning of the picture.” 

Students have the option to choose words from the word bank - by dragging/dropping them into the photo - or composing/ “freestyling” their own words.

As the words are dragged/dropped onto the picture, the site allow for the option of capitalization as well as various tenses of the word. It even has end punctuation! How cool is that! 

It is amazing to me that this site has been around since 2008 and I just now stumbled upon it. I cannot wait to share this with my teachers!

Classroom Applications: