24 September 2014

0 Oh Good Lord...I am in Heaven

You have to check out Wordmark.it.... I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to view the various fonts from my computer in an easier format.  Oh, the simple things that bring so much joy....

According to the website:
"Choosing the ideal typeface for what you are trying to communicate can be frustrating with the available font browsing interfaces. Wordmark.it is designed to help with this font selection process by quickly displaying previews of any text with the fonts installed on your computer."

  • Type a word or a phrase in the text box (1) and click the load fonts button.
  • Scroll through the previews and choose the ones you are interested in by clicking on them.
  • Click the filter selected button (2) to isolate selected previews.
  • Finally note down the names of the selected fonts to be used in your image or text editing software.

You can also:
  • Adjust the size of the previews by entering a pixel value 3 or by clicking the smaller / bigger buttons (4)
  • Invert preview colors (5) to test the fonts on a dark background.
  • Toggle between lower case (aa), Title Case (Aa) or UPPER CASE previews(AA) (6)
  • Adjust letter spacing (tracking) of fonts in selections (<> button when you move your mouse over preview tiles)
  • Zoom in to explore intricate details of fonts in selections (+ button when you move your mouse over preview tiles)
  • Drag and sort the order of previews in selections to compare similar fonts side by side.

How It Works?

"Wordmark.it detects the fonts installed on your computer with the help of a simple Adobe Flash script and displays the results using HTML and JavaScript. You need to have Flash plugin installed and JavaScript turned on. Font rendering relies on browser's capabilities and some of your installed fonts may not show up due to their names not being recognized by some browsers." 

Now, how cool is that....
The site was created by Fahri Özkaramanlı. "He is a freelance visual communication designer living in İstanbul. He received his BA and MFA in Visual Communication Design at İstanbul Bilgi University. He is currently teaching Web Design courses as a part time instructor at İstanbul Bilgi University and Sabancı University. He has examined design processes as part of his academic research and aims to design tools that could help designers within these design processes. Wordmark.it is his first project within this context."

22 September 2014

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