29 March 2010

1 Got 4 Minutes?

Please view the Elementary 2010 Technology Summer Staff Developments

GoAnimate.com: Spring 2010 Summer Technology Staff Development by Dovewhisper

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09 March 2010

3 Linoit - An Alternative to Wallwisher

I came across an alternative to Wallwisher which offers robust features which are quite unique and different to Wallwisher.

Linoit.com is a cool web-based alternative to Wallwisher. It allows one to store and organize sticky notes, collaborate on notes with others and set due dates - to name a few. One of the other cool features is the ability to organize notes into different bulletin boards (canvases). For instance, you can keep work-related and personal notes in separate bulletin boards.

Checkout some of the other cool features of Linoit:
  • Create sticky notes and use them to manage to-do lists, store notes and collaborate on ideas.
  • Group stickies into different canvases/tabs (work, personal, etc.) and use tags to organize them further.
  • Create as many canvases and sticky notes as you need.
  • Keep your sticky notes private or share and collaborate on notes with others.
  • You can share notes with others on ‘view only’ or ‘view & edit’ basis.
  • Assign due dates and setup automatic email alerts when someone posts to your canvas.
  • Calendar: Use the mini-calendar on the right-bottom of the canvas to browse stickies by due date.
  • Customize stickies: change background or upload your own background, color, change font size, assign icons, drag and drop, etc. http://www.makeuseof.com/dir/linoit-create-share-collaborate-sticky-notes/
Note: If I could change one thing, it would be the ability to scroll through the embeded Linoit like Wallwisher and the option to moderate the posts. Other than that, I personally, like it much more than Wallwisher - but check it out yourself and you decide!