23 September 2010

0 Study Jams by Scholastic - CHECK IT OUT!!!

"Study Jams is an online learning tool by Scholastic. It was created with the intention of teaching math and science to grades 3-6. Its use of real-world examples allows for the application into everyday life and the assistance to classes and school to become easier." 

I was amazed at the quality of the information and how easy it was to navigate through the program. Your kids are going to love this plus what a wonderful tool to use as a whole group activity!! I plan on adding these to the Dovewhisper Computer Centers. So keep an eye out for them.

The Math section has the following topics with numerous skills associated with it.

And the Science section has the following topics with numerous skills associated with it.

For teachers, it offers four topics which provide lesson plans and teacher guides on the following topics:

You gotta check it out!

17 September 2010

0 KidsTube: An Alternative to YouTube

"Kids Tube is a video sharing hosting and sharing site designed for hosting content produced by kids and content about kids. Kids Tube monitors all submissions and monitors comments left on videos. To encourage students to develop their videography skills, Kids Tube holds weekly videos submission contests. The contests are arranged around a theme and one winner is selected by the Kids Tube team." http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2010/08/kids-tube-monitored-video-sharing-for.html

They have over 500 Educational videos from School Rock - The Preamble to Great Composers.

Check it Out!