16 December 2015

0 "App"lifying US Symbols

2nd graders researched one of the following US Symbols and created projects from their research.
  • US Flag
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Liberty Bell
  • Bald Eagle
  • White House
Two classes chose to app smash with Wordfoto and Tellagami, while the other classes utilized the TypeDrawing  app (paid). Below are a examples of their finished projects.

Wordfotos: Link to FlipBook:

Tellagami / App Smashing:


17 November 2015

0 A 2fer: Forms of Energy

Since both of my schools were studying Forms of Energy, I thought why not put both of their project ideas together in one post.

Bam! A 2fer! What a Deal!

3rd grade students at one school, downloaded four examples of forms of energy from Dropbox and utilizing the TypeDrawing app, wrote characteristics for each one. Then the four pictures were uploaded to the Strip Design app. (Direct Link)

My other school utilizied the apps, Wordfoto and Tellegami for their forms of energy project. Students created a Wordfoto brainstorming at least 5 characteristics of their form of energy. Using the Wordfoto as the background for their Tellegami presentation, they recorded what their form of energy was, how is it used and what would happen if they did not have that specific energy.

29 September 2015

0 Formative Assessment with Pic Collage? Sure....Why Not?

4th graders went on a scavenger hunt throughout the school taking pictures of different type of resources to depict their understanding of Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources. Below is their final product created with the free app, Pic Collage for Kids.

11 May 2015

0 Famous Americans....Captured and QR'd!

An innovated teacher, at on one my campuses, came up with a unique idea for their Famous American curriculum writing project. 2nd grade students researched a Famous American and created apps which represented their specific Famous American.  (See the example below). Once the research was completed, students created short videos (utilization the YouTube Capture app) depicting their Famous American. QR codes were created and added to the ipad template for students/parents to view.


30 April 2015

0 DoInk: Green Screen App: Ecosystem

3rd graders at one of my schools, created videos using the app, DoInk Green Screen on the topic of Ecosystems. (Note: DoInk is a paid app ($2.99) but well worth the price!)

The students learned how energy flows through an ecosystem and how changes to the ecosystem affect both plants and animals within the ecosystem. For their project, students were in groups of 4 and chose the following job; producer, editor, reporter and camera person. Together they brainstormed a place, an event that would change the ecosystem, and how it affected the plants and/or animals there. Students worked collaboratively to create an idea and wrote a script to produce into a broadcast.

Click here to view the finished products

25 February 2015

0 Bam! There it is!

Almost 2 years ago, I blogged about a 5th grade project on App Smashing…Well, this is worth repeating but this time with another grade level. Third graders researched about a particular planet and created a Wordfoto. Then they added the Wordfoto graphic into the Phoster app. The Phoster was inserted as the background for their Tellagami.  (Bam!! There it is…the three apps, my friends!) Please see the below example:

The lead teacher for this project is phenomenal and always has specific directives and rubrics for the students to follow. Below is a snapshot of the directions and rubric she used. She also gave me permission to share the doc - should you wish to use it. http://goo.gl/tXIXnlLastly......

When I was at TCEA in February, a presenter had used a Symbaloo as a way to showcase the student’s final product. I had already uploaded the Tellegamis to a YouTube playlist but never considered using a Symboloo as showcasing the final products. How is cool is that? What is even neater? There are no suggested videos....anywhere.

15 January 2015

1 Selfies, Persuasive Writing and PicCollage - That'll Work!

4th grade students at one of my schools wrote a persuasive blurb about one of their favorite books they read this year. Utilizing the app PicCollage, students took "selfies" of their chosen book. Once printed, the bookmarks will be given to our school library available for all students to not only use as a bookmark but also persuading them to try a new book!