10 November 2016

0 Place Value App Smashing

Utilizing the app, Number Pieces Basic, 2nd graders created base block pictorials and uploaded them into the app, Popplet Lite. Students wrote number sentences in word form, standard form and expanded form. Then they comparied the numbers drawing a greater than/less than symbol. Students took it a step further and uploaded their project to Seesaw and explained their thinking.

I wish I could take credit for this GREAT idea but it was orignally created by Meghan Zigmond.

28 April 2016

0 Collaboration (...check), Critical Thinking (...check), Creativity (....check)

An innovated 4th grade teacher, came up with an unique idea for "Geometry in My World"

In teams of two, students worked collaboratively and took pictures of various geometric figures they located in the school. Utilizing the app, TypeDrawing, students wrote well defined attributes of those geometry figures then inserted these photos into a PicCollage.

Their finished projects will be posted in Google Classroom and the students will evaluate each other projects by providing feedback in the forms of two compliments and one suggesting for improvement. 


08 April 2016

0 Gami Book Reviews!

2nd grade students wrote a book review utilizing the app, Tellagami. Students took pictures of their book for the background of their Gami and completed the below statement stem for their recording. 

"Hello 2nd graders! 
My name is ______________ and I am reviewing the book _________________. 
I think this is a ___________ book for 2nd graders to read because ___________________, ________________, and ___________________.

16 March 2016

0 ChatterPix: Super Cute Biography Research

2nd grade students created a construction paper representation of their famous person. Utilizing the Chatterpix app, students recorded who they were, why they were famous and what made them a good citizen.

They turned out super cute!

23 February 2016

0 PicCollage: Character Feelings and Emotions

A 1st grade class brainstormed different character feelings and emotions and created a PicCollage poster for their classroom.

09 February 2016

0 Stinkin' Cute for 100th Day of School!

Kindergartners used the AgingBooth app then uploaded the picture to ChatterPix answering the following question: When I am 100 years old..... Way too cute!

05 January 2016

0 Analyzing Attributes of Persuasive Text and Developing Persuasive Writing Skills with ChatterPix

5th grade teachers combined the literary skills (analyzing the attributes of persuasive text and developing persuasive writing skills) for both reading and writing into a persuasive ChatterPix project. 

Working cooperatively, students created a drawing for a specialty product, planned their “commercial” using the “Commercial Planning Tool” page from Stead and Hoyt’s Explorations in Nonfiction Writing  (as well as a teacher-created rubric), then recorded their commercial using the free app, ChatterPix. The results were entertaining and verified the students’ levels of understanding of persuasive text. 

Below are two finished examples: