21 October 2008

0 Need Reading and Language Arts Point to Point Videoconference Ideas?

  • Have each class select a place of interest to the class. Students can draw pictures, make a brochure, maps, models, etc., to show their place. Have them write clues about this “Secret Site!” Share with your partner class to discover the secret place!
  • Create a multimedia presentation (a whole class one) about a topic. Exchange these with the other class. Have them view the presentation. Write questions about the presentation to ask during the videoconference. Make a handout or art project as a follow-up!
  • Have older students find a younger class with whom they could be mentors. Have older students write a play about a character trait and present it during the videoconference. OR…act out a Folk Tale. Have students write questions to ask younger students. Send a student-created worksheet, project, etc. to the teacher of the younger students ahead of time. Let those students do the activity as a follow-up!
  • Read a book and videoconference with its actual author!
  • Write persuasive articles and exchange. Write why you agree or disagree with the paper. Set up a debate with the partner class.
  • Create a poetry booklet that includes poems written by partner classes.
    Write a continuing novel which is completed by the partner class! Make it into a book to be “published!”
  • Partner with a class to write and edit papers. This will give a real audience and purpose for writing!
  • Pair students. Have them share journal writing using the same prompt in both classes. Have students respond to what they read!
  • Read a book. Have students write a sequel, opinion, solutions to problems, different outcomes, evaluations, or interpretations of the book. Share with partner class.
  • Write a short story with other classes. Have one class create the characters, plot, another the theme, the setting, the conclusion, etc. Divide students into groups to write short stories using the above creations. Share during the conference!