20 October 2011

0 Pumpkins: Technology and Library: A Collaboration

Working collaboratively with my librarian, 14 stations (for Kindergarten) were created around a pumpkin theme. Various idevices were utilized (i.e. iTouches, iPads, and Nanos) as well as various online resources. Each station was approximately 4 minutes and the focus of the stations revolved around the following Kindergarten TEKS:
  • Technology (2A-C, 5A, 7A)
  • Science (K10.B)
  • Math (K5.A, 6.0. 6.A)
  • As well as other various skills

Both students and teachers seem to enjoy the joint efforts of this collaborative project. Please view the below Animoto of the results:

18 October 2011

0 The "TECHing" Hour Staff Development

During their planning time, classroom teachers, participated in a Halloween theme staff development. It was my hope to make it festive and fun as they experience hands-on activities utilizing itouches, ipads and various Web 2.0 online tools. The teachers were very supportive and I believe it went over very well. Thank you teachers! Please view the following Animoto.