28 September 2009

0 Fall Technology Staff Developments

GoAnimate.com: Fall Technology Professional Development by Dovewhisper

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08 September 2009

0 TerraClues: The ULTIMATE Google Maps Scavenger hunt game!

TerraClues - the ULTIMATE Google Maps scavenger hunt game!

"TerraClues for Schools is an easy to use tool where teachers can create interactive “scavenger hunts” with Google maps. Teachers can access hundreds of already made TerraClues to use in conjunction with curriculum or create their own TerraClues to fit their classroom needs. Teachers can also create private classrooms where they assign students to specific hunts.
TerraClues hunts can also be shared with other teachers in your school, district, or anywhere in the world. This is a fun way to learn about using maps, curriculum content, and how to navigate the Internet. This site encourages students to learn and implement problem solving skills and learn about different cultures around the world." source