25 February 2010

3 Tikatok - Imagine a Story - Create a Book

I came across this fabulous website, Tikatok, to help promote your student’s writing. What a great way to add both authenticity and a real audience for their writing. Please read below from ilearntechnology blog post.

"....With Tikatok each of your students can become a published author, create, share, and gain an authentic audience for their writing and illustrations.

Students have options when creating a story, they can choose a topic and idea to start a story or they can start from scratch with a blank story. The first option allows students to get help with the hardest part of story creation, thinking of an idea and beginning a story. Students fill in blanks about their story and get a basic story that they can embellish and add to. In the second option, students create a story from scratch.

Teachers can register classes and keep track of the stories their students are creating. Teachers can also send students messages and comment on stories. There is also an option for students to work collaboratively on a story. Students can adjust their stories template, colors, text, and images. When students are finished, their story can be viewed online, printed out from a PDF file, or published and purchased for $15-20." http://ilearntechnology.com/?p=815

Check out this example - please click on the below graphic and the next screen will show a quick animation of the story.

23 February 2010

1 Word It Out

Transform your text into word clouds with Word It Out!
An alternative to Wordle, Word it Out allows you to insert URL's, sentences and text. Below is a word cloud from this blog. Pretty cool huh?

16 February 2010

0 Favorite Web 2.0 Tools

12 February 2010

0 Cool Web 2.0 Tool for Collaboration

GoAnimate.com: Wallwisher by Dovewhisper

Check out Wallwisher!
Please see this Wallwisher tutorial - if needed.
Also please visit my delicious bookmarks on more Wallwisher links!

05 February 2010

1 Blabberize Me!


This is a Second Grade Student Example at one of my schools!

Check out these site for some great student examples.