05 January 2009

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What is SlideShare?
SlideShare is the world's largest community for sharing presentations.

  • Individuals & organizations upload presentations to share their ideas, connect with others, and generate leads for their businesses.
  • Anyone can find presentations on topics that interest them. They can tag, download, or embed presentations into their own blogs & websites.
SlideShare is the best way to get your slides out there on the web, so your ideas can be found and shared by a wide audience. Do you want to get the word out about your product or service? Do you want your slides to reach people who could not make it to your talk? Are you a teacher looking to share your lesson plans? It only takes a moment - start uploading now, and let your slides do the talking!
Some of the things you can do on SlideShare:

  • Embed slideshows into your own blog or website.
  • Share slideshows publicly or privately. There are several ways to share privately.
  • Synch audio to your slides.
  • Join groups to connect with SlideShare members who share your interests
  • Download the original file
For example: Type in the word "podcasting" in the search feature and you will locate dozens of ready-made presentations. See some of the examples below found on SlideShare!