16 December 2010

0 Think Before You Post

I saw this graphic on one of the blogs I follow (Thanks Educational Technology Guy). I believe the graphic speaks for itself.

13 December 2010

0 Super Book of Web Tools for Teachers

This free online ebook, “Super Book of Web Tools for Teachers” is a compilation of Web 2.0 resources by eleven prominent bloggers, teachers, and school administrators.  It provided excellent resources to introduce educators in using technology to the K-12 classroom.

Check it out!

08 December 2010

0 GoAnimate for Schools

If you liked the GoAnimates which I create for our technology staff developments…you are going to love this! GoAnimate4Schools now has a kid friendly site.

The Free GoAnimate4Schools account includes 1 teacher account, 100 student accounts. As part of the TeacherPlus account, there are no limitation to animations or duration created by the teacher. The teacher may upload music, images, videos, record voices and use the full GoAnimate text-to-voice feature (including all 16 different voices). The teacher may also create any number of characters to use in animations.

Students have access to 20 default characters for in their animations. Animations maylast for a maximum of 2 minutes and may contain uploaded music, recorded voices, text-to-voice, but not images or videos.Students may create their own characters which provides an endless supply of unique characters for each story.

Your kiddos will absoulutely LOVE this site. Imagine the possiblies for projects! Here are just a few ideas:
  • Instead of requiring the traditional report, diorama, or poster plastered with pictures and information. Students can create an impressive alternative book report by creating an animated book talk, interviewing a character from the story, or re-creating an important scene in the story. http://ilearntechnology.com/?p=3406)
  • Students can display their knowledge about a historical figure by “interviewing” the historical person of interest or an eye-witness of a historical event. http://ilearntechnology.com/?p=3406)
  • Students can write a screen play and then transform them into animations.
  • Animations are also a great way to illustrate vocabulary words and story problems in math. http://ilearntechnology.com/?p=3406)
Sign up now for your FREE teacher/student accounts. Also check out the Lesson Gallery for some great ideas for using GoAnimate with your students.