12 February 2019

0 So What is an ePortfolio/Digital Portfolio Anyways?

Digital portfolios are:
  • Student-driven
  • In Seesaw, students “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links.
  • Collection of digital artifacts representing hard work, creativity and collaboration
  • Allow students to show their individuality
  • Provide a means of tracking student growth from Kindergarten through high school and beyond.
  • And.....One of the most important ingredients in a portfolio is the student’s reflection on their work. Students should include reflections on each performance to clarify why pieces are included in the portfolio. This is perhaps the most valuable part of the portfolio, since it provides a much clearer window into the learning of each student

04 February 2019

0 Do Your Students Have Trouble Responding to Other's Work? Do They Always Say "Good Job"?

Having students reflect on their work and their peers may make learning more meaningful for them. Feedback is important part of peer assessments. Students tend to respond better and engage more fully with the feedback they get from their peers than they do with comments from their teachers.

However, sometimes their reflections are superficial like: "Good job!" "I like what you wrote/said!", "I like your story." In order to have your student provide thoughtful and constructive feedback, consider setting expectations from the start of the lesson that peer review is not about judging each other’s work, but helping each other out.

Also, remind students that it is important for the peer feedback to be safe and judgement-free in order for everyone to truly benefit from the feedback.

  • Have students focus on the positive aspects of the work before pointing out areas of improvement.
  • Show students how they can phrase things constructively. Consider posting these possible prompts so students may refer to them when commenting on other's work in Seesaw.
  • Or consider having your students utilize use TAG: Tell them something you learned / Ask a question / Give a compliment