28 January 2019

0 Don't Forget About Texting Story!!!

Texting Story app allows students to write texting stories between two characters and then saves the conversation as a video. This app is so easy to use and very intuitive! An online version may be found here.

The possibilities are ENDLESS. Here are a few ideas:
  • Dialogue between two characters or contributions of historical figures.
  • Dialogue on the characteristics of what makes a good digital citizen.
  • Conversation between the Bill of Rights / Constitution and citizens.
  • Dialogue between fiction and nonfiction / fact or opinion.
  • How would you use a specific text feature to help you learn more about a specific topic.
  • Describe characteristics of a various types of poems (narrative free verse, limerick lyrical , humorous and how they creates imagery and /or meaning.
  • Compare the various forms of energy (i.e. mechanical, sound, electrical, light or thermal).
  • Dialogue identifying and comparing the physical characteristics of the Sun, Earth, and Moon.
  • Dialogue between synonym and antonym, parts of speech, punctuation, types of sentences or cause and effect..
  • Dialogue between the types of season or day or night or rapid changes in Earth’s surface.
  • Describe the physical characteristics of place such as landforms, bodies of water, natural resources, and weather.
  • Describe tell difference between coins/money ( i.e. nickel and a quarter).
  • Why you should know the different ways to do something (i.e. addition and subtraction)?

Check out this example: