21 February 2013

0 Technology Integration is H.O.T / Digital Blooms

Digital Blooms

Want to discover how technology may help meet the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy in your classroom and how Web 2.0 Apps may elevate your student's thinking to a higher level?

I presented at TCEA (Austin/early February) and showcased examples of ways educators in my school district have integrated technology into their curriculum to encompass all levels of the Bloom's Digital Taxonomy thinking skills.

It was my hope the attendees walked away with some helpful ideas and a resource which they may refer back too from time to time.

Side Note:
  • Please know, many of these projects encompass more than one level of the Digital Blooms taxonomy.
  • Majority of these examples utilize various web apps but other computer applications (i.e. iMovie, Photostory, GarageBand, MovieMaker, etc.) are highlighted.
  • Some of the videos are unlisted in the YouTube account. Should you click on a video and it is unavailable, please try clicking on the YouTube link to view directly.