29 November 2010

0 ABCya's PaintGo - A Great Alternative to MaxPaint!

ABCYa is a fabulous and FREE website which offers educational computer games and activities for grades Kinder through 5th. For this post, I would like to pay particular attention to ABCYa’s PaintGo online program which is a great alternative to MaxPaint. Perfect to use for the tech projects so many of you do for Open House! With PaintGo, students may create an array of pictures from simple sketches to complex drawings using the various tools this site has to offer. Best of all, you can save it as a jpeg to the computer or share drive. Check out PaintGo - a great alternative to Max Show!

12 November 2010

0 Telescopic Text

Telescopic Text: I saw this in a "twitter tweet" (that's a mouthful - say that 4 times...) and thought it was so cool. This would be PERFECT to show students sentence elaboration...check out the video below to get an idea of what this site does. If you refresh your page, it will go back to the orginal simple sentence. Now, how cool is that?

11 November 2010

1 Photovisi: A FREE Online Photo Collage

Photovisi is a FREE and super easy online tool to create photo collages and as of right now, no sign up is required.

Once you enter the site, you can choose from  48 templates - all which are fantastic! 

Once the template is selected, you upload your photos (the number of photos uploaded depends on the template you use). From there, you may customize by dragging items around, adding text and background.  After the collage is finished, it is available for download and print! Below is one I created for our dog.

What a great way to showcase photos from your classroom to share with parents or on a blog!

10 November 2010

0 Want to Simplify Your Life? SignUp Genius

An Online Sign - Up List
 I came across this from another blog and wanted to "reblog" it. (Like retweet - ok, so it is a made-up word but hey, it kinda works).

Ever have a classroom party and ended up with 10 of one thing and 2 of another? Need to sign up to bring a dish to a staff luncheon? How about getting chaperones for a field trip? Need folks to RSVP for that Holiday party? Well this online sign-up list is the way to go!

SignUp Genius is free with customized themes/templates and an easy wizard which guides you through. You may choose from different options on how folks sign up. I personally like the Private Password feature. This allows you to make it public but only folks who have the password may utilize the form. It also offers options on email preferences from notification emails to reminders.
Once completed, you share the url and folks start signing up! Below is an example for a luncheon. Now how cool is that?