12 December 2013

0 Creative Classrooms (Mobile Apps) - Lesson Submission

This post is in regards to an online class (Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) in which I am participating in on the topic of Apps/Mobile Learning. This is the last assignment that I am required to submit:

Creative Classrooms (Mobile Apps) - Lesson Submission

Lesson Title: Seasons (Grade 1)   
Subject Area: Science
Mobile platform used: iOS

TEKS Addressed in the Lesson:

  • Science: (1.8) Eath and space. The student knows that the natural world includes the air around us and objects in the sky.
    1. Identify identify characteristics of the seasons of the year and day and night
  • (2) Scientific investigation and reasoning. The student develops abilities to ask questions and seek answers in classroom and outdoor investigations.
    1. (A)  ask questions about organisms, objects, and events observed in the natural world
    2. (D)  record and organize data using pictures, numbers, and words
  • (3) The student knows that information and critical thinking are used in scientific problem solving.
    1. (B) make predictions based on observable patterns.
  • ELPS: c5B: write using newly acquired basic vocabulary and content-based grade-level vocabulary
Video Introduction:
How would you discuss the video with the class?
How would you teach the lesson?
How would you have students apply the lesson?
Possible apps:
  • Feltboard: ($2.99 and worth it) Using the app, Felt Board, students will create a board which demonstrates their knowledge of each season.

Another possible  idea is using the app:
  • Songify:  Turns your speech into a song ($2.99 - I believe I purchased it when it was free) Students write a poem about their favorite season, record it with Songify. You could also find photos and create an Animoto using the song from Songify. Please view the below example. (Works best in IE)

How would you assess the lesson?
  • Students will share their Feltboard and Songify/Animoto projects with the class. The teacher will post finished Feltboard project on the classroom website utilizing the Web 2.0 Flipsnack site. Finished Feltboard project URL.
  • Rubric to grade assignment: At this time (Thursday, 12Dec13)  RubiStar site will not open.
Note: Possible other videos to utilize through the lesson:
  • Discovery Streaming:
    1. Videos should be stopped throughout and facilitating questions posed to enhance learning. 
                                          i.    Magical Mother Nature: The Four Seasons (15:28)
                                        ii.    Seasons (17:30)


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