03 February 2012

0 Sumdog Math Games! The Hottest Web 2.0 Site! Kids are Loving This!

Students at both my school (and other schools in our district) are wild about Sumdog!

Sumdog has free math games which may be played at both home and school.  Sumdog's math games cover over 120 numeracy topics (grades 1st - 8th) which are spread across 10 levels of increasing difficulty. Click here to view the various topics and levels.. Not only are students finding these games very engaging, they are also developing their mental math skills.

To make the most of Sumdog, sign up for a free teacher login. Once logged in you:
  • Set up your school: Sumdog's free logins are permanent, with as many classes as you want.
  • Create free logins for all of your students: Just enter their names and class - Sumdog hides the surnames for display online.
  • Set a minimum level for your classes: Focus your class on the topics they need to practice by setting their minimum training level.
  • Track your classes' effort: See how many students in each class have been active recently.
  • Set up activities for your students: Sumdog's competitions and challenges let you set goals for your students, and focus them on specific topics. Students may also choose which topics to practice when starting a game and becasue most of the games are multiplayer, students have the opportunity play against thousands of students worldwide.
Sumdog also has a free teacher portal where educators may find lesson plans, teacher reference documents as well as student handouts. Additionally, it has step by step tutorials for common task to assist you...How cool is that! 
Our kids are so jazzed about this site that on 22Feb12, our district will hold a contest for our schools.  The contest takes account of school size, so everyone has a fair chance of winning. The first prize is a Certificate of Merit and a full site license for "Yenka Mathematics" software (worth $750). There are also daily school prizes and student prizes.
Game On!

View the below YouTube video to learn more about Sumdog:


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