02 February 2012

0 NEWSFLASH: Cool Apps for Schools in its Development!

If you are not familiar with the site, Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools, you have to check it out! It has copious amounts of Educational Technology and Web 2.0 tools for both educators and students to utilize in the classroom.  

BUT WAIT......

This great site is in the development stage of creating a wiki for apps for mobile devices called Cool Apps for Schools. If this is anything like the Cool Tools for Schools wiki…we are in for a treat!

The wiki is arranged very similar to its sister wiki; Cool Tool for Schools.  It is broken into categories with each category showing the app icon, blurb, whether it is a free or paid app, as well as the approximate grade level. Keep this in the back burner, because when it is completed, I am sure it will be a valuable resource!


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