17 October 2014

2 Texas Regions: 4th Lifecards App Project

4th grade students created Texas Region postcards utilizing the app, Lifecards. Students were assigned a specific region and researched information for the project. Photos for each Texas Region were uploaded to Dropbox for students to download to the idevice.

The finished products were made into an interactive flip book (via FlipSnack - viewed best in IE) and showcased on the grade level website.

Below is an example of a finished product:


Book Sprinkles said...

Love the project! I haven't used FlipSnack before but it looks like you download the pdf.
Wondering what you used for the postcard? Word? Publisher? I would love some suggestions!
Mrs. G.

K.L. Evans said...

With Flipsnack, I did pay for for a subscription as the free version only allows three pages. You can upload pdf's or jpegsAs for the postcard...it is an app called LifeCards which is a $1.99 but most definitely worth the money.

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