16 November 2011

2 Animal Habitat - QR Codes In the Classroom

3rd Grade students at Sem Elementary chose an animal and completed clue sentence stems about their animal's habitat. Students then generate a QR Code for the habitat hints they created. They worked collaboratively to solve the mystery animal and habitat utilizing the NeoReader app on an itouch and ipad.
Habitat Clue Sentence Stems:

  • The climate in my habitat is.....
  • My habitat is unique because.....
  • It is a good place for me to live because......
  • Some of the other plants and animals that live in my habitat are......
  • I enjoy eating.......
Student Example:
  • The climate in my habitat is warm in spring and cold in winter.
  • My habitat is unique because of the beautiful colors in the fall.
  • It is a good place for me to live because I can get all the food I need.
  • Some of the other plants and animals that live in my habitat are squirrels, ants, termites, robins, other birds, and chipmunks.
  • I enjoy eating pretty much anything I find.

Completed QR Code:
 Simple but what a fun way to incorporate QR Codes!


randyor said...

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Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

Hey Kiki! I love this QR code project- very cool. I am going to share it on my facebook!

Wanted to also stop by to say hi! I was in one of the first web 2.0 book study at FISD which is where you got me started on all the blog, facebook, google reader stuff. So glad you did (and where in the world was I that whole time?!)and I am still keeping up with my 2nd blog and even was able to make a VERY SMALL side business through Etsy! :) So, thanks again! Have a great day!

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