16 July 2009

5 Phenomenal Clip Art Site!

This clip art site by Philip Martin is phenomenal. What a talented artist and the clip art is so cute and best of all the clip art is FREE!

The site is categorized by topics. Click on the topic of choice then click on the thumbnail for a larger view. To save the image, right click>click Save Picture As and save it to your files.

He also teamed up with the people of Mr. Donn's. org, (another FABULOUS site) and illustrated the pages of PPPST.COM. If you want to find PowerPoint presentations on just about any subject, PPPST.COM is the place to go. And, just like with the clip art site, it is completely FREE!



Eckert said...

Cool! I love finding out about new websites that are great resources. Thanks!

sarah said...

Very cool! I could use this in my class, my art kids love seeing things like this!!!

Bob Bernet said...

Thanks for the heads-up! I'm always creating flyers and reminders for the students about various assignments. This kind of clipart will liven up the pages a bit. I can also pass it on to teachers whom I KNOW will use it!

Bob Bernet said...

Also, I wish I had known about the PPPST.COM site when I was teaching GED classes. The PowerPoint presentations are very well thought out and look professional. What a time-saver this site is!

Marissa said...

So neat! My kids are going to love it!

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