14 September 2008

0 Need Math and Science Point to Point Videoconference ideas?

  • Create science/math questions to exchange with another class in the areas being studied.
  • Create a jeopardy game to be played at the videoconference using CPS! Use TAKS questions if you’d like!
  • Do a science experiment. Share your experiment and results with another class. Take video pictures, either still, moving, or morphed!
  • Do a science lesson on a topic being studied. Share questions and answers with another class. Have an “expert” come to one of the schools to be interviewed during the videoconference!
  • Have students write questions to ask younger students. Send a student-created worksheet, project, etc. to the teacher of the younger students ahead of time. Let those students do the activity as a follow-up!
  • Write and share word problems. Make it a contest who can answer the most correctly in a class.
  • Measure perimeters of the main areas of the school: buildings, playground, sidewalks, etc. Write descriptions using geometric terms of how to put the various shapes together. Send measurements and descriptions to your partner school and have them use these to draw a diagram of the school. Share drawings on the day of conference and compare with actual mapped pictures or photos of the real school areas.
  • Find geometric shapes inside and outside of the school. Take photos of these. Send photos to the partner class and have students identify and classify the shapes!


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