17 May 2008

0 Why Technology?

It’s Everywhere and It’s Here to Stay

The 21st century is upon us and the need to change the role of the educator, in order to meet the demands of the technological future, are imperative. With accelerated demands from the educational system, educators will find it necessary to observe the individual student (and their needs) while modifying their past teaching format, of simply dispensing knowledge, to that of facilitating the learner.

The utilization of technology fosters collaboration among students promoting an engaged-learning environment, which may enhance critical/higher level thinking skills. Additionally, technology provides a hands-on cognitive experience which may:

  • Increase student fluency
  • Improve motivation.
  • Strengthen basic skills.
  • Provide relevance to a student’s life.
  • Present interactive feedback from peers/instructors.
In my experience as a classroom teacher, I have witnessed the positive impact technology has had on my students. Knowing this, and that the educational industry is (and has been) moving towards incorporating technology into a classroom setting, I believe the necessity to educate the student population and fellow educators is essential. Technology offers a vast array of learning opportunities to both the educator and student.

Technology has opened the door to a wealth of information that has the capabilities to enhance the educational structure we offer to our students. While it will eventually replace a teacher’s basic format, it will never replace the humanity, compassion and human interactions essential to a child’s well-being.

In order to develop the whole child, it is equally important to create a well-informed, well-educated staff…as well as promoting parental involvement.


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